Features that will be implemented in first released journal version (1.0):
1. Journal and community viewing and editing (only editable journals will be viewable);
2. Entry posting, editing and deleting (including non-custom security, mood and music);
4. Friends management;
5. Picture management;
6. Really stable, reliable and fast work.

In next versions (or maybe in first too):
1. Multiple users and other program security settings (maybe password management);
2. Music detection;
3. Mood tree;
4. Session saving;
5. Some other extremely usable features;

P.S. Text could be changed without reader's written permission.
P.P.S. I have a lot of free time today:)


First screenshot of development version created. I think when program first version will be finished it will look & work really nice, because I won't release any unstable versions.

P.S. I think there is life on Mars.